Thoughtful Thursday – Multiple Editions – June 5, 2014


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June 5: Have you ever bought multiple editions of the same book? What inspires you to do that (e.g., covers, language, author revisions)?


No, no I haven’t.  I tend to be one of those “there are already too many things in the Universe” sort of people, so the idea of having more than one copy of the same book makes me sort of itchy.  I mean, you can only read them one at a time anyway, right?  My husband, on the other hand, hoards books like they’re suddenly going to disappear completely.  I can’t figure out why he needs SIX copies of Dune, especially if I’m not even allowed to READ some of them!  I’m not a fan of having an extra set of “fine china” you only use on special occasions, either.  Why have something you’re not allowed to use?  It just sits around and collects dust.  I’m all for functional (especially multi-functional) stuff.  I might not have more than one copy of A Wrinkle in Time, thenbut you can bet I’ve got A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, A Ring of Endless Light, Many Waters, and all the rest of Madeline L’Engle’s awesome works snuggled right next to it on my shelf.  *grin*



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  1. I have only once bought multiple editions of the same book – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – only because there was an annotated edition I found and I thought it would be helpful with a major paper. I have the hardback version that my high school purchased (thank you Ostas!) and I bought a paperback since my hardback was lost in storage, so I have three copies of HF.

    I have seen one blogger who consistently shares multiple editions of a book several times a week. I am now almost exclusively deleting the subscription emails for that particular blog because in the last few weeks, that’s all I’ve seen. Unless there is a true need, I don’t see the purpose of having multiple editions.

    • The only time I have multiple editions, besides Harry Potter because that’s more of an obsession, is if I really liked an ebook and I want to read it again. I will buy a physical copy to have at home.

  2. I don’t have a ton of room for books either and so I don’t buy multiple editions. I have considered buying the Harry Potter series on Kindle though I don’t plan to get rid of my hardcovers. The new box set is also tempting….but again….not enough room.

  3. I am somewhat guilty in that I have the 50th anniversary Gone With The Wind & I own an edition from 1941 that was pub in the UK . I have some first editions that were my Dad’s that I already owned. I have been known to lose a book , buy another one & then find the lost book.

  4. I might own a few editions of some things, but I’m definitely not a “don’t touch it” collector. If I had anything rare or first-edition-y, you could bet with certainty that I’d read it! 😉

  5. I never used to be very bad for this until I started buying books online. Sometimes they show up and they are the US size paperback and then don’t match others in the series and I have an OCD about that. So I then end up buying the one that matches. I have a problem with series I really love too, I reread a lot and buy a newer edition so my old editions don’t get ruined. HP I have multiple of because I love it. Here’s mine, my answer is at the bottom.