Blue Apron Subscription: Spiced Chicken Souvlaki


Hi, Everyone!

In an effort to spend less time meal planning and more time reading, I decided to give Blue Apron a try. It costs less than taking the whole family to a restaurant, and it seemed like a fun way to add some new recipes to my repertoire.

Tonight: Spiced Chicken Souvlaki with Tahini-Yogurt Sauce & Roasted Potato Wedges



In a word, YUM.

I switched over to the family plan for a few weeks, so this was my first attempt at a “family style” meal, which is supposed to feed 4.



See that Romaine? Yeah, it wasn’t very green. Also, sorry about the thermometer. The kids are sick.

I felt like the portions were a bit off on this recipe–there was WAY too much lettuce and not quite enough of everything else. But since Kid #1 eats like a bird and Kid #2 is 7 months old, we had plenty to eat.

The chicken thighs weren’t nearly as fatty as the last Blue Apron batch, but I was bummed at the quality of the lettuce: it was mostly white.


There were lots of “drizzle with olive oil and toss to coat” instructions in this recipe, but, well, I’m lazy, so I borrowed Alton Brown’s toss it in a zip-top bag & shake method. Much easier!


Feta? Feta.

The recipe didn’t include any Feta. I’m not sure why. Luckily, I just happened to have a giant tub of Feta (thanks, Sam’s Club). YUM.


But the best part about making a meal for 4 when I’m only really feeding 2.5 is . . . LEFTOVERS!


Yeah. I added more Feta. Because Feta. =) I also thinned the yogurt sauce with some milk to make it more salad dressing-y and added some grape tomatoes. I’m not one to toot my own horn, but those were the three best ideas I had all week.



If I make it again:

  1. Either skip the pitas or swap them for flour tortillas
  2. More mint!


Did my kids eat it: No, but they’re both sick, so they haven’t been eating much of anything lately. They wouldn’t even touch the bread, poor things.


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