Story Time with Sara: Glow in the Dark Under the Sea by Jean Lewis




Glow in the Dark Under the Sea 
written by Jean Lewis
published by Golden Books

find it here: (affiliate links) Barnes & Noble, Amazon

Did I enjoy this book: Glow in the Dark Under the Sea was a BIG hit at our house. The main characters, Ben and Judy, are very relatable for young children. The two children visit their aunt and uncle in their underwater sea lab/home.

Would I recommend it: I sure would! I didn’t mind reading this book several times . . . even in a row! I’d also like to read the other books in the Glow in the Dark Golden Book series.


About the book – from Barnes & Noble: As Judy peered into the shadows of the wreck, she saw mysterious flickering lights. ‘It looks as though there are ghosts in there, ‘ she said. Uncle Ted showed Judy that her ghostly lights came from tiny lanternfish, whose sided glow in the dark as they swim.




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