Thoughtful Thursday – Book Organization – September 18, 2014


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September 18: Do you organize your books electronically? How do you organize them?


Do I . . . Do I what now?  Organize? A HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  No.  I mean, most of my e-reader apps offer several different organizational options, but I don’t really use them because I’m constantly focused on my TBR list for  I used to have a zillion different little post-its and torn out notebook pages strewn about the house, but I’ve ever-so-conveniently married a computer engineer, so he helped me find a system . . .

. . . Instead of a few dozen scraps of paper, I now use Tomboy Notes (which I can sync between my iPad, computer, and phone, thank goodness).  I’ve got a note running down the entire left hand side of my computer screen, and I know it’s time to hold off on adding more to the TBR list when it refuses to fit in one column).  I have the titles all written down in the chronological order I’ve agreed to read them in, and I’ve got a little parenthetical note just next to the title telling my forgetful self where I’ve saved the file, or, if it’s an IRL book, that it’s made of paper).  I’ve reserved a few columns at the top for Blog Tours, so when I need to have a book read and reviewed by a certain date it goes at the top of the list.

Here’s what the first few lines of my list look like right now:


10/28 – Who Knows Tomorrow (paper)
10/? – Blood Entwines (waiting for date, need file)
NO Dates
Taliesin (paper)
Salted (kindle)
Clay (DropBox)
A Soul’s Kiss (kindle)

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  1. I SERIOUSLY need to get my organizing under control. I use Goodreads, but it’s getting a bit out of hand with all the things I add and follow for giveaways and such (giveaways are a nice little supplement financially as I try to get my blog and books really going) so I need to come up with something better. Hmmm. I like that yours can be easily synced.

  2. what a great system! My books have gotten out of control – at the beginning of each year I start off with a spreadsheet in Google and have columns similar to yours but by April I’m all columned out and forget to add the books. Come September I’m back at the thought of really needing to keep track of my books but the whole year has gotten out of control. So thank you for this post ~ it’s inspired me to be organized again 😉