DNF: AfterLife by S.P. Cloward

written by S.P. Cloward
published by S.P. Cloward

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Why did I pick this book: I was asked by the author to review this book. (I received a copy of this book for review purposes.)

Where I stopped reading: According to my Kindle, location 68 of 3827.

Why I stopped reading: I love smarmy, sappy vampire love stories as much as the next SAHM attempting to live vicariously through fiction, but my Grammar Nazi won out this time. As I stated above, I made it, according to my Kindle, to location 68 of 3827 or, if you’re a paper-only kind of reader, “the page with so much passive voice I had to stop reading before I stabbed someone” (err . . . before someone was stabbed by me.  Ugh).  I feel bad; there may be a decent story hidden in there somewhere.  Perhaps the holiday season wore me down, but I just couldn’t find the energy to look for it.

What others have rated this book: According to Goodreads, the average rating for AfterLife is 3.75. It looks like a majority of readers gave this book 4 stars. There were 48 5-star reviews on Amazon. Just because I didn’t finish this book doesn’t mean you may not.

About the book – from Goodreads: What if This is the Way it Really Happened?

If you think you’ve read every possible “undead” scenario there is, you’re in for a surprise. AfterLife transcends the typical zombie or vampire genre and audience to present a plausible explanation of where such stories come from in an unsettling but believable way. Even those who shy away from this type of science fiction are falling prey to the “what if” question that makes this book so unique – and so compelling. What if the undead live among us but we don’t recognize them?

At the time of his premature death, Wesley Lohmann not only learns about this unique race of humans, but due to a small genetic marker in his DNA, discovers he is one of them. He is now a Mortui, and must leave behind everyone he knows and loves. Through death Wes learns to live, learns the meaning of love, and learns to put others before himself. Ultimately, dying was the best thing that ever happened to him.

AfterLife is a richly woven tale of the struggle between good and evil, of allegiances, loyalties, and betrayals. The undead are surprisingly human and deeply motivated in their struggle for survival. Readers of all ages have been captured by the compelling story of Wes and AfterLife. Once you start reading you won’t be able to stop. And you’ll never look at a stranger the same way again.




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