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To see the full list of Current, Upcoming, and Past events, please visit the Events for EFC Promotions page on our blog.

One of the fastest ways to get people talking about and reading your book is through social media: online reviews, blog posts, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram . . . the list goes on. EFC Promotions will help get your book posted on several of the most popular social media outlets via our network of dedicated readers and bloggers. Contact us now to book a Blog Tour today!


You’ll work one-on-one with a member of EFC’s promotional staff to design a custom tour. You’ll decide how long you want the tour to last, what kind of blog posts you’d prefer, and what giveaway you’d like to sponsor (if any). An EFC staffer will then prepare a media kit for your tour. We’ll keep you up-to-date with all tour stop information, including web addresses, social media links, and cross-posts of reviews.


Each tour host will be asked to post on their blog as well as their social media accounts. In addition, we will share all tour stops to EFC’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+ accounts in order to reach a larger audience for your book. If your tour includes reviews, we will ask the tour hosts reviewing your book to cross-post their reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.
A blog tour will generate a minimum of 6 posts (social media and/or blog) per day per tour stop. If you book a seven-day (one-week) blog tour, you will get a minimum of 42 separate posts. If your tour stop host also cross-posts on their social media (which we encourage them to do via our Host Incentive Program), the posts increase in number and visibility.



A typical media kit includes the following:

  • Custom blog tour banner and graphics featuring your cover art
  • A pre-made html blog post
  • Goodreads summary and link
  • Author bio and pic
  • Author links
  • Buy links

The media kit may also include:

  • Advanced praise
  • Book trailer
  • Exclusive excerpt
  • Author contributions (interviews, guest posts, character reviews)
  • Giveaway information and Rafflecopter form




  • 1-week blog tour (guaranteed at least 42 posts): $100
  • 2-week blog tour (guaranteed at least 84 posts): $175


One-Day Events

If you would like a one-day event for a Cover Reveal, Release Day Blast, or a Sale of your book, this is the option for you.

  • We’ll contact our network of readers and bloggers to share your media kit.
  • We will prepare a media kit that includes:
    • Custom blog tour banner and graphics featuring your cover art
    • A pre-made html blog post
    • Goodreads summary and link
    • Author bio and pic
    • Author links
    • Buy links
  • Fee: $75



Review Query


  • We’ll contact our databank of readers and bloggers and request reviews of your book. There will be a 60-day timeframe for reviews to be posted and no restraints on how many stars may be given for this request.
  • We’ll keep track of who responds and send you a list of responses and links.
  • Fee: $50

Host Incentive Program


  • Participating bloggers will be entered into a $10 Barnes & Noble or Amazon gift card giveaway. Each blogger earns one entry for each post they make (website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Bloggers who post their reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and/or Barnes & Noble will earn one entry for each review they cross-post.
  • The winner will be selected via random.org from all eligible entries.