Winter Reading Challenge 2018: All We Knew by Jamie Beck (Chrissy’s review)


All We Knew (Cabot #2)
written by Jamie Beck
published by Montlake Romance, 2018

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Did I enjoy this book? 
I really did. I read it every free chance I had.

Hunter and Sara have always had a wonderful marriage, but they’ve hit a few stumbling blocks. Hunter is fighting for his family’s company, and Sara is fighting for a family. For the most part, I liked both characters and I was rooting for each of them. However, there were times when I just wanted them to step back, consider the other’s point of view, and realize that people don’t react the same way to the same situations. Just because one person is outwardly showing emotion doesn’t mean the other isn’t experiencing the same types of emotions. But, isn’t that what happens in a lot of relationships?

All We Knew was sweet, romantic, and a bit predictable. However, I didn’t mind the predictability. I enjoyed the story, beginning to end. It kept me reading.

Would I recommend it? Yes, if you like women’s fiction, you will enjoy this one.



About the book – from Amazon: 
For Hunter and Sara, getting married was easy. It’s staying together that’s the true test of love…

Hunter Cabot deeply loves two things: the international tea company he’s helped his father build, and his wife, Sara. From the moment he first saw her wide smile on their college campus years ago, Hunter fell hard. Yet now, with other family members pushing to sell the thriving business and Sara grieving their failure to start a family, he’s suddenly facing the crushing loss of both.

The relentless ambition that Sara once admired in Hunter is now driving them apart. Each missed doctor’s appointment, neglected dinner date, and family squabble accentuates their differing priorities. Still, Sara struggles to create the home life they’d envisioned, until unsettling developments—both personal and professional—push them to the breaking point.

When love is put to the ultimate test, can Hunter and Sara stop fighting each other long enough to fight for their marriage?



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  1. This sounds a bit predictable but, as you note, that can still be enjoyed with good characters and writing. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

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