My Favorite . . . Website to Shop for Books — February 7, 2018


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This week’s Favorite is: Website to Shop for Books


If it is a pre-order, I will order from Amazon. They do the pre-order price guarantee and release-day delivery. I’m a Prime member, so the two-day shipping is awesome. If I’m not in a hurry to get a book, I will use Barnes & Noble. If they did the pre-order price guarantee and release-day delivery, I would totally order all my pre-orders from them. If I am shipping books internationally for giveaways, I use Book Depository. And of course I buy books for the kids from Scholastic Book Club flyers!




Amazon. I’m a hopeless Amazon Prime addict!


What website to you use for buying books?



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  1. It’s Amazon for me too.

  2. I don’t buy many physical books anymore, but when I do — Amazon. I have prime as well. There are some others I want to check out, but the free two day delivery has me hooked for most purchases!

  3. I didn’t know so much about Amazon prime but I use Amazon for other things besides books so it might be worth looking into.

  4. Love Amazon. Can’t get away from it!

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle //

  5. I am totally in love with Amazon Prime, too!

  6. Amazon… I shouldn’t be surprised as prime is such a big deal.

  7. I use Amazon a lot too, but recently I’ve been trying to buy more on the Book Depository. I love that there are no shipping costs!
    Thanks for signing up and sharing your favorite.

  8. Amazon for kindle books for me. And the Book Depository for physical books. They are the only 2 sites I use really. I prefer to shop in store!

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