My Favorite . . . Moment to Write My Reviews — January 10, 2018


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This week’s Favorite is: Moment to Write My Reviews


My favorite moment to write reviews is whenever I have a free chance to do so. I usually write them after the kids go to bed and I have a few quiet moments to think . . . and usually days or weeks after I finished the book. I’d love to be able to write them as soon as I finish the book!


I prefer to write them after I’ve finished a book, but usually it’s just whenever I have a moment to write them. I usually write them in batches–three or four at a time.


The only time I get to write reviews is that precious chunk of time after the kids go to bed, but before I fall asleep on the couch! Haha!


If you write reviews, when is your favorite time to do so?



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  1. I write them as soon as I can. If I tried to write three or four at a time, I think I’d get confused.

  2. Sometimes time is definitely hard to find! I like to write my reviews in the morning when everything is nice and quiet. And sometimes I’m writing several reviews if I’m real busy.
    Thanks for signing up and sharing your favorite!

  3. I live alone so I like to write my reviews right after I read a book if it is worth remembering.

  4. I try and write my reviews in the morning after the kids go to school before it gets crazy. I also try and write them within a day or two at most after I finish reading so I don’t get behind and forget details. It is hard sometimes to keep up.

  5. Like Chrissy, mine are usually weeks after I finished the book. Like Heather, I have come to write them in batches, usually between 5-8 reviews. I noticed this really started happening since last spring. If I am remembering correctly, I wrote all my summer reviews at once toward the end of summer, wrote all my ones for August – October together, and then all the holiday reads together. I am due now for another round of review writing.

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