Melissa’s Review: Worst. Book. Ever. The Awesome Adventures of Max Power. by Wayne Basta

Worst. Book. Ever. The Awesome Adventures of Max Power.Worst. Book. Ever. The Awesome Adventures of Max Power.
written by Wayne Basta
published by Wayne Basta, 2015

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Did I enjoy this book? 
It’s so bad it’s good. If Gilmore Girls was a book, it would be this. The sheer number of pop-culture references is in itself amazing, and I’m in awe of Mr. Basta’s ability to write an entire storyline–complete with vampires, raptors, robots, time travel, and pirates–that builds up to what’s essentially a “your mom” joke. It’s epic. Aluminum falcon-Gandalmore-side-trip-just-to-make-an-Archer-joke epic. Read this book. Read. This. Book.



“Inside a large stone room, we came face-to-face with a mighty black dragon. Its eyes glowed a deep red, and smoke billowed from the giant creature’s nostrils. A metallic groan sounded as it moved, scraping its mighty claws on the stone floor. I must admit, even I was awed by the size of the creature. I held up a banana as I stood there, taking in the sight of the mighty beast. Beside me, Zink leaned in close. ‘Why do you have a banana?’

‘For scale.'”



Would I recommend it? Absolutely. You’ll LOL IRL. For realz.


About the book – from Goodreads: 
Max Power, secret agent, Nobel Laureate, private eye, is a big damn hero. But when Femfa Tall, a rising starlet with a big problem, comes to him for help, he finds himself up against his arch-nemesis the evil Doctor Guy… again. No worries—ninjas, time travel, rebels with their own flags, robots, evil clones, Double Entendre, and pirates can’t make a dent in Max Power’s awesomeness—or can they?


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