March 2017 Subscription Boxes

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Hi, Everyone!

Here are our subscriptions from the month of March:



Stars Hollow Monthly – I love these wine glasses!




Owl Crate


Owl Crate


This is the Owl Crate Jr. box. I love this box for my young reader!

The Bookish Box



GeekGear – World of Wizardry

Erin Condren Seasonal Box

This is a really fun box if you love planner accessories and Erin Condren stuff! I love the art print and hardbound notebook I received in this box.


What do you think of month’s boxes?

Do you subscribe to any boxes? If so, which ones? I did include my referral links, so if you’re interested, please feel free to use them! I know I would appreciate it.




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  1. I’ve tried a few of the boxes, and it’s so much fun to get them in the mail. The problem is, the chance that you may end up with things that you really don’t want. It’s a steep price (I think) to take the chance. I have to admit that the Erin Condren, and the Owl Crate are tempting me.

    • The Erin Condren box is seasonal. They release one each season. I think it is worth the price . . . at least the last two boxes have been. 😉

      Out of all the book boxes, Owl Crate is my favorite so far. It has been worth the cost, in my opinion, so far.

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