In the Kitchen: Home Chef Subscription: Crispy Rice Salmon


Hi, Everyone!

In an effort to spend less time meal planning and more time reading, I decided to give some food delivery services a try. They cost less than taking the whole family to a restaurant, and it seemed like a fun way to add some new recipes to my repertoire.

Tonight: Home Chef’s Crispy Rice Salmon with Spinach Salad and Quick-Pickled Vegetables


This was my first Home Chef recipe, and right from the start, I liked it better than Blue Apron. The first delivery box came with a 3-ring binder to help organize recipes, and as we know, I LOVE organization. One point for Home Chef.



And guess what! Not only does Home Chef meet my organizational needs, but it also gives me a quick reference guide for dietary needs, nutritional information, and drink pairing ALL ON THE SAME RECIPE CARD. Two points for Home Chef!


Guess what else, guys. Home Chef also gives you a rundown of the ingredients and necessary supplies, and instead of Blue Apron’s giant, glossy page of “here’s an interesting ingredient in your box this week” gratuitousness, Home Chef just pops a little morsel of info in the bottom corner. Tally points three and four for Home Chef!

20160328_171824 20160328_171653

The ingredients were also packaged much more responsibly than Blue Apron–there was significantly less packaging, and that makes me happy.

Also, remember my complaint that Blue Apron never included tomatoes in their recipes? Guess what was in my very first recipe! Yup. Tomatoes. Score points five and six for Home Chef!


Home Chef sends pre-peeled garlic. That alone is worth about a dozen points, don’t you think?


You’re jealous of my Thomas spoon, aren’t you? Yeah. You are.


20160328_173249 20160328_174740 - Copy

As for the actual recipe, it called for a few fun things we’d never tried: honey sriracha sauce, quick pickled veggies, and watermelon radishes.

Aren’t the radishes beautiful?



End result: a delicious, low-calorie, light meal with–believe it or not–MORE VEG than we could eat! FINALLY!

End Score: Home Chef beats Blue Apron by a landslide. I can’t wait to try their next recipe!

20160328_180906 - Copy - Copy

If I make it again:

  1. I’d cut the carrot ribbons smaller. They look really cool, but they were tricky to eat.
  2. Per Husband’s request, I’d use bigger plates.

20160328_180858 - Copy (2)

Did my kids eat it: Kid #1 ate the tomatoes. Kid #2 ate everything but the fish, which Husband and I didn’t share.




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