February 2016 Subscription Boxes




Hi, Everyone!

Here are our subscriptions from the month of February! Yes, I know I’m late with this post. Don’t worry, March’s boxes will be up soon!


Muse Monthly

Feb 2016 Muse Monthly



Feb 2016 Lit-Cube (2)

The Wuthering Heights is a wallet!

Feb 2016 Lit-Cube (1)

The perfume smells pretty good, and the bookmarks are adorable!


The Bookworm Box

Feb 2016 Bookworm



Feb 2016 Uppercase


Owl Crate

Feb 2016 OwlCrate (1)

Feb 2016 OwlCrate (2)

A Tardis magnet pin!




 Feb 2016 Birchbox



 Feb 2016 Ipsy



Feb 2016 Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate

Feb 2016 Koala Crate

Koala Crate

kiwi crate

A completed Kiwi Crate from a month or so ago. The kids love this grabber!


What do you think of month’s boxes?

Do you subscribe to any boxes? If so, which ones? I did include my referral links, so if you’re interested, please feel free to use them! I know I would appreciate it.





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