Gina’s Review: The Blondes by Emily Schultz

The Blondes

The Blondes 
written by Emily Schultz
published by Thomas Dunne Books, 2012

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange  for an honest review.

Did I enjoy this book: 
It was certainly entertaining, and I kept trying to guess what would happen next. The whole plot of the story intrigued me when I first read about The Blondes. My husband would probably tell me that “Blonde Fury” is what I have when I don’t get enough sleep or the kids have been extra feisty. I would say it’s when I don’t have my morning coffee. However, that’s beside the point.

Hazel, the main character, leaves much to be desired when it comes to character development. I felt sorry for her, but I was never rooting for her, which was not something I expected from a dystopian novel. Shouldn’t you root for any person’s survival? Hazel’s character fell a little flat for me but still managed to carry the story. I like that she told us about the outbreak from her point of view and we saw the whole picture. There were not bits and pieces left out that left us trying to put it all together.

Sadly, I will say for me the end was just “eh.” The book kind of just ended and I didn’t feel disappointed or satisfied.



“But women are civilized animals. We have something to prove, too, but we’ll swirl our anger with straws in the bottom of our drinks and suck it up, leaving behind a lipstick stain.”

“It’s not that I believe they brought out the worst in each other; I believe they just got lost from each other.”




Would I recommend it: Eh, maybe.


About the book – from Goodreads: Hazel Hayes is a graduate student living in New York City when she learns she is pregnant from an ill-advised affair with her married professor. More worrisome than the shock of this discovery is the apocalyptically bad timing; random but deadly attacks, all by women with light hair, have begun terrorizing the city’s inhabitants. As the days pass, it becomes clear that the attacks are symptoms of a strange contagion that is transforming blondes from all walks of life–whether CEOs, flight attendants, students, accountants, television personalities, or academics–into rabid killers. Hazel–confused, desperate, almost penniless and soon visibly pregnant–flees the city and sets out to cross the border into Canada where she will find the one woman who just might be able to help her in a world gone awry.