Thoughtful Thursday – Book Trailers – September 25, 2014


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September 25: Do book trailers get you excited about upcoming books?


I’ve got a two-year-old.  I have about as much time to watch book trailers as I do to use the bathroom by myself (that is to say, no time at all).  I’ve got this group of friends, though, who pities me enough to text/e-mail/phone me with important tidbits of info, like, “MELISS!  The new Patrick Rothfuss book is out!”  and, “Oh, honey. The last Harry Potter book came out like, ten years ago.  You should really read it.  Daniel Radcliff is like, forty now.”

So . . . I think discovering a book trailer all by my onesies (before any of my glorious, wonderful, perfectly awesome friends beat me to it) would actually be more exciting than the trailer itself.  Sorry, guys-who-write-book-trailers.

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  1. I find it hard to get excited about book trailers. I do understand about not having the time as my 5 year old always needs me when I’m about to watch something as well. LOL

  2. While I’ve seen plenty of book trailers, I’ve never seen one that made me want to buy the book. Most of them just present some elements from the cover with blurbs from the description. They’re nice, but books aren’t visual entertainment like movies and TV shows. For my middle-aged brain, it just doesn’t work.

  3. Nah I don’t even watch book trailers most of the time. I don’t have time for that either, plus I’m not always able to watch a video. This is why I don’t watch book tube vlogs either.


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