Review: Steps to Heaven by Wendy Cartmell

steps to heavenSteps to Heaven
written by Wendy Cartmell
published by Wendy Cartmell

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Why did I pick this book: I was asked by the author to review this book. (I received a copy of this book for review purposes.)

Did I enjoy this book:
Not much.

I have to give Mrs. Cartmell credit for creating a unique story. I know that’s not easy and a great first step for a truly outstanding novel. Unfortunately, it unfolded in a dry, lackluster, linear fashion.

First, this story lacks character development. I didn’t feel any connection to anyone in the book. I couldn’t feel bad for the victims or cheer for the protagonist because they didn’t feel like real people with backgrounds, intimate thoughts, relationships to living characters, etc.

Secondly, this story lacked side line story development. There were two sideline stories. But one opened and shut in a brief time seeming unnecessary and irrelevant to the plot.

The second side story could’ve been the silver bullet opportunity to touch the reader’s heart. The main character and his wife have an ongoing discussion about whether or not to have a baby. They do this in part by going over the family budget. This made me laugh because if people really decided whether or not to have a family based on the budget, the human race would’ve become extinct generations ago. But in terms of story development, family budgets don’t stir emotions. This was a blown opportunity to make some part of this story come alive.

Overall, the novel was emotionally flat and redundant.


Would I recommend it: No.

Will I read it again: No.


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