Review: When Girlfriends Make Choices by Savannah Page

when girlfriends make choicesWhen Girlfriends Make Choices
written by Savannah Page
published by Pearls and Pages

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Why did I pick this book: I have read the first two books in this collection – When Girlfriends Break Hearts and When Girlfriends Step Up. So, when the author asked me to also review When Girlfriends Make Choices, I jumped at the chance. (I received a copy of this book for review purposes.)

Did I enjoy this book:
I did enjoy this book. It took a little longer to finish than I wanted but it was a good read.

So, I really didn’t like Lara in this book. She was self-centered, self-absorbed, a bit childish, borderline crazy, and making horrible choices. However, I really enjoyed Lara’s story. I never would have guessed that she – the rock, the leader, the go-getter, the “mother” – would be the other woman. That she would become obsessed with a man she could not have. That she would abandon her girlfriends because of some guy. That was surprising but that’s what made me want to read more of her story.

Lara was real in this book. She was such a strong young woman in the previous books yet because of a man that she shouldn’t have fallen in love with, she changed. These situations happen. How she dealt with it was not normal or rational but very believable. I think just about every young woman goes through a phase of “stalking” someone they think is “the one.” It may not be a married man, but it is usually some guy that is perfect for them – even if that perfection is in their eyes only. It’s a destructive phase that most women overcome and grow stronger from.

The other friends were present in this story to some extent. Robin, along with baby Rose, Jackie, and Emily were the major players. Claire was kind of there and Sophie really wasn’t a part of this story. However, all of the girlfriends were strong and level-headed and tried to talk some sense into Lara. They gave her that wonderful tough love and advice.

One thing that I’m enjoying with this collection of books is seeing what the other friends are/were doing during the time period of the previous book or books. With When Girlfriends Make Choices, the time frame overlaps with When Girlfriends Step Up and it also shows you what happened beyond what happened in Step Up.


Would I recommend it: I would recommend this book is you are a fan of chick lit and you like the slightly less “light” side of chick lit.

Will I read it again: I probably won’t but I will be reading When Girlfriends Chase Dreams for Ms. Page’s upcoming blog tour (my posting date is July 24th, so stay tuned!) and I will also read the fifth book in this collection, When Girlfriends Take Chances.


About the book – from Goodreads:
A novel about forbidden love, the choices you make, and discovering what’s important in life.

Lara Kearns has it all. She has her MBA, a successful career in advertising in Seattle, and she’s even living with her best friend and single mom, Robin. Reliable, dedicated, and eager, Lara is the resident go-to-girl, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lara’s that girl who has everything going for her…everything, that is, except for true love. With the big 3-0 on its way and no man in sight, Lara wonders if she’ll always be married to her career, or her cat, and never find the One.

But then, when she least expects it, a handsome and suave executive at her firm, Paul Mackenzie, makes a pass at her. Hesitant at first about striking up an office romance, Lara eventually finds herself falling for her charming colleague. And the best part? Paul is falling in love with Lara, too!

What happens, though, when the man of your dreams loves you…and his wife?

Battling with what the head and the heart want, Lara finds herself in a precarious situation. Life is spiraling out of control, but with the support of her therapist and friends, Lara must make a choice. Is she really prepared to chase after love…at all costs?

This is a provocative story about struggling between right and wrong. About what you will or won’t do for true love. About what happens when girlfriends make choices.

Happy reading wherever you are and whenever you get a free chance!!!