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crescentCrescent (Helium-3 #2) 
written by Homer Hickam
published by Thomas Nelson

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About the book – from Goodreads: They said she wasn’t human. They were wrong.

A seemingly endless war against the insurgent Crowhoppers keeps the people of Moontown fighting when they’d rather be mining valuable Helium-3. Crater Trueblood’s valiant efforts against the genetically-manipulated beings weighs heavily on his mind. What is he really fighting for?

In the midst of a deadly battle, Crater captures an enemy Crowhopper. But this one he refuses to kill. “It” is genetically more human than not and its gender seems to be female. She calls herself Crescent.

Crater takes her to Moontown as a prisoner of war, but treats her kindly. However, at the hands of Moontown residents Crescent experiences prejudice and even cruelty.

Soon Crescent is imprisoned for a murder she didn’t commit. Crater comes to her aid, and the two become fugitives, escaping into the vast expanse of hostile terrain called “the big suck.” For Crater, it turns out the cause most worth fighting for may be right by his side.

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Crater (Helium-3 #1) 
written by Homer Hickam
published by Thomas Nelson

find it here: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iBooks, Goodreads

Why did I pick this book: I participated in the blog tour hosted by YA Bound(I received a copy of this book for review purposes.)

Did I enjoy this book: 
I did!  Once I got past the lingo (which seemed a bit extreme for a novel that’s supposed to take place in the near future), I was hooked.  I liked Crater from the start, and I’ve been searching the internet for days trying to find out where to get my own Gillie.  A few important plot points happened rather rapidly (mainly Crater’s interview with Nurse Soichi), but I’m confident Hickam has plans to expand these topics in the later books of the series.

Crater is part Harry Potter, part Indiana Jones, part Alice in Wonderland.  He’s got an illegal side-kick, a techno-tricked out horse, a frenemy and a complicated love interest, and it all works.  Hickam knows what he’s doing, and although he might do well to ease up on the kitschy language (“Mooncrete”?  “do4u”?  Really?), he tells a great story, and I can’t wait to read the next installment!

I’d say this book is awesome, but…  “It knows that, Sir.”


Would I recommend it: Yep!  If you’re into sci-fi (or Westerns, for that matter), you’ll love it.  You’ll also want a Gillie.  Trust me.

Will I read it again: No, but I can’t wait for the next book in the Helium-3 series!

About the book – from Goodreads: 

It’s the 22nd Century. A tough, pioneering people mine the moon for Helium-3 to produce energy for a desperate, war-torn Earth.

Sixteen-year-old Crater Trueblood loves his job as a Helium-3 miner. But when he saves a fellow miner, his life changes forever. Impressed by his heroism, the owner of the mine orders Crater to undertake a dangerous mission. Crater doubts himself, but has no choice. He must go.

With the help of Maria, the mine owner’s frustrating but gorgeous granddaughter, and his gillie–a sentient and sometimes insubordinate clump of slime mold cells–Crater must fight both human and subhuman enemies. He’ll battle his way across a thousand miles of deadly lunar terrain and face genetically altered super warriors in his quest to recover an astonishing object that will alter the lives of everyone on the moon.

homerAbout the author: Homer Hickam is the author of many best-selling books with his best known the acclaimed memoir Rocket Boys: A Memoir which was made into the award-winning film October Sky where he was portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Born and raised in the small mining town of Coalwood, West Virginia, Homer is a graduate of Virginia Tech, a Vietnam veteran, a scuba instructor, a paleontologist, and a former NASA engineer. He has won many literary awards including the Clarence Cason Journalism Award from the University of Alabama and an honorary doctorate in Literature from Marshall

Homer and his wife Linda and their five cats share their time between homes in  Huntsville, Alabama and St. John of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Find Mr. Hickam here: web, Facebook, Goodreads


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