Blog Tour: Mahogany Slade by Stephen Robinson

Mahogany Slade
written by Stephen Robinson          
published by Black Saint Records

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Why did I pick this book: I am a stop on the blog tour hosted by Sage’s Blog Tours. (I received a copy of this book for review purposes.)

Did I enjoy this book: Mahogany Slade was a sweet book that brings back the memories of your freshman year at college — a time of discovery, new love and experiences, the occasional class, some parties, and drinking. 

Brad Carlton was very proper in his thoughts and actions. His narrative was a great point of view but his use of large words – such as extemporize, reveries, and punctiliously – did not sound like the typical college freshman that I have met. With that being said, his narrative style fit his character very well. 

Janet Tomalin is Brad’s love although it takes a while for either of them to come to terms with that. I really didn’t like Janet at all. She seemed like a user…she only wanted Brad around when it was convenient to her. What I didn’t understand is why Janet had to call Brad “kiddo”. That would have bothered me so much. It seemed rather condescending. Although I did not like Janet, I think that was the point of her character because at some point, especially in college, everyone falls for someone who isn’t good for us or isn’t nice or whatever. But you think they are the best and that no one will ever compare to that person. This seems to have happened to each of the characters in Brad’s college world.

The secondary characters were also well written. The reader gets a glimpse as to who each of them are. Heather is the best friend that is not a threat to other girls in Brad’s life. Andy and Eddie are great acquaintances who also fall for the wrong girls and don’t really see it until it is too late. Evelyn is the enemy. Jaye is confused and searching.

Would I recommend it: I would recommend this book if you like coming of age novels and you want to relive some of your fond college memories. 

Will I read it again: No, I will not read Mahogany Slade again. 

About the book – from the author: 
Beautiful, sophisticated, and unpredictable, Janet Tomalin represents every fantasy Brad Carlton grew up having — and more than a few he never realized.

When they meet on their first day of college in Athens, Georgia, the stylish New Yorker completely upends the staid Southerner’s ordered universe.  They fall for each other intensely and completely. It’s the all-consuming passion of a natural performer and her adoring audience.

There’s just one problem: Mahogany Slade, the woman from Janet’s not-so-distant past… and inescapable future. Janet knows once Brad meets the dangerous Miss Slade and learns the truth, their once-in-a-lifetime love is doomed.

Mahogany Sladeis the romantic yet acerbic story of young people escaping themselves in a town where your identity is everything. It’s as sweet as Janet finds Brad and as irresistible as he finds her. 

About the author: Stephen Robinson graduated from the University of Georgia in 1996. He has lived in many places but feels at home somewhere else. He’s written for newspapers and magazines. Mahogany Slade is his first work of fiction.

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“Mahogany Slade,” by Stephen Robinson, is about first love, that moment when your favorite songs suddenly make sense because they’re now about someone else. 

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Happy reading wherever you are and whenever you get a free chance!!!


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