EFC Policies


Every Free Chance Books bases book reviews on whether the reviewer enjoyed the book and would recommend it. We rate books on a star scale of 0-5, with 5 being the best. (We give 1/2 stars if we feel the book doesn’t quite make it to the higher rating or doesn’t quite fall to the lower rating.) The reviews and ratings reflect each individual reviewer’s personal opinion. Here is the general breakdown that we use as our guide:

5 stars
I loved it!!! I definitely recommend it.

4 stars
I really liked it! I recommend it.

3 stars
I liked it. I may recommend it.

2 stars
I didn’t like it so much. I probably won’t recommend it.

1 star
I really didn’t like it. I won’t recommend it.


I did not finish this book because I didn’t like it, I couldn’t get into it, I couldn’t understand it, or I thought there were too many grammatical errors. If I didn’t like the book or couldn’t get into it, I may still recommend it to someone who might like it better. If I couldn’t understand it or thought there were too many errors, I might read it again once it undergoes more editing.

*** All of our reviews are cross-posted on the following sites when applicable: Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and NetGalley. As you are probably aware, those sites do not offer a 1/2-star option. In the event that a 1/2-star rating is given, the book will be rated at the full-star rating and the full rating will be written in the title of the review (for Amazon) or at the top of the review (for Goodreads and Barnes & Noble). For example, if a book is given 3 1/2 stars, it will be posted at 3 stars with “3.5 stars” written either in the title or at the top of the review.


Please send all requests to: everyfreechance@gmail.com

We each have our own favorite genres (check our profiles to see what they are), so if you want a particular reviewer to read your work, PLEASE PUT IT IN THE TEXT of your e-mail.

Every Free Chance Books accepts review requests from publishers, publicists, and authors (including self-published and indie authors). Please place the genre of your work in the title of your e-mail and remember to include:

  • The title of your work as well as a blurb
  • The date you hope to see a published review from EFC
  • Whether or not your work is included in a current blog tour (and if you’d like EFC to participate)
  • Requests for a specific reviewer
  • If you would like to participate in a spotlight post, an interview, guest post, and/or giveaway
  • Other special requests

We’ll let you know when one of our reviewers accepts your work for review and, later, when your review has been published at Every Free Chance Books. We process requests on a first-come, first-served basis, with preference given to time-constrained blog tours and requests from publishers or publicists.

If we do not accept your book for review, we may offer a promotional spot at Every Free Chance Books. We may also offer a promotional spot if we know we cannot have a review completed by a specific release date or requested time frame. A promotional post may include:

  • The book blurb
  • Where to find the book
  • Author bio and pic
  • Author find/follow links
  • An excerpt
  • A guest post or interview
  • A giveaway (sponsored by the publisher, publicist, or author)




All books reviewed at Every Free Chance Books have either been purchased by the reviewers, have been given in exchange for an honest review, or have been given as gifts. If we receive a book for review purposes, we will note it in the post. Our reviews express honest opinions—we are not compensated for reviews unless otherwise stated. 

Every Free Chance Books is affiliated with Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Smashwords, Google AdSense, Walmart.com, Book Depository, and LinkShare.



Any contests, giveaways, or freebies are courtesy of Every Free Chance Books (unless otherwise stated). Translation:  Unless someone else sponsors the giveaway or gives us books, e-books, or some swag to pass on to you, we’re spending our own money (well, mostly Chrissy’s money) to give you all some awesome stuff. All giveaways are void where prohibited by law. See other giveaway terms or conditions on each Rafflecopter entry form.


In other news, WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Let us know if you like, dislike, abhor, love, or really don’t care at all for our reviews. If we’ve convinced you to read something, tell us! We love feedback!



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