Interviews & Guest Posts


  1. Guest Post: Laura Chapman (author of Going For Two)


  1. Author Interview: Kyle Prue (author of The Sparks)
  2. Author Interview: Jacob Rubin (author of The Poser)
  3. Author Interview: Barbara Stark-Nemon (author of Even in Darkness)
  4. Guest Post: Lorraine Devon Wilke (author of Hysterical Love)
  5. Guest Post – Recipe: Maisey Yates (author of Brokedown Cowboy)
  6. Guest Post: Laura Chapman (author of First & Goal)
  7. Author Interview: Martina Boone (author of Persuasion)


  1. Guest Post: Cara Alwill Leyba (author of The Champagne Diet)
  2. Blogger Interview: Belinda (reviewer for Every Free Chance Book Reviews)
  3. Author Interview: Carlyle Clark (author of The Black Song Inside)
  4. Guest Post: Valerie Chase (author of Full Steam Ahead)
  5. Guest Post: Jeff Bauer (author of Folds in the Map)
  6. Guest Post: Ellen Larson (author of In Retrospect)
  7. Author Interview: Eric Linder (author of Hospice Voices)
  8. Guest Post: Kate Hilton (author of The Hole in the Middle)
  9. Guest Post: Priscilla Glenn (author of Coming Home)
  10. Author Interview: Randy Lindsay (author of The Gathering)
  11. Guest Post: Colleen McCarty (author of Mounting the Whale)
  12. Guest Post: Orbie Ray (main character of Then Like the Blind Man: Orbie’s Story)
  13. Author Interview: Jane Allen Petrick (author of Hidden in Plain Sight)
  14. Author Interview: Jane Harvey-Berrick (author of Lifers)
  15. Guest Post: Michele Gorman (author of The Expat Diaries a.k.a. Single in the City)
  16. Guest Post: Rebekah L. Purdy (author of The Romeo Club)
  17. Guest Post: Jennifer Lesher (author of Raising John)
  18. Author Interview: Shari Slade (author of The Opposite of Nothing)
  19. Author Interview: Hilary Grossman (author of Dangled Carat)
  20. Author Interview: Andy Mozina (author of Quality Snacks)
  21. Editor Interview: Christine Pinheiro (editor of Book Reviewer Yellow Pages)
  22. Guest Post: Eliza Gordon (authors of Must Love Otters)
  23. Guest Post: Rachel Schieffelbein (author of Don’t Fall)
  24. Author Interview: Glynis Astie (author of French Twist and French Toast)
  25. Author Interview: Shonna Slayton (author of Cinderella’s Dress)
  26. Guest Post: Jennifer Collin (author of Open My Eyes)
  27. Author Interview: Elizabeth Briggs (author of More Than Music)
  28. Author Interview: Kristen Fredricks and Jeanie Wade (authors of Nip It: Stop Negativity Moment by Moment)
  29. Author Interview: Amanda S. Jones (author of Aqua Alaskan Nights)
  30. Guest Post: Lucinda Sue Crosby (author of Francesca of Lost Nation)
  31. Author Interview: Susan Sofayov (author of Defective)
  32. Author Interview: RaeAnne Thayne (author of Wild Iris Ridge)
  33. Author Interview: Marcus Brotherton (author of Feast For Thieves)
  34. Author Interview: Pam Kirst (EFC Short Story Contest Winner)
  35. Author Interview: L.G. Kelso (author of Fierce)
  36. Guest Post: Lesa Howard (author of Phantom’s Dance)
  37. Author Interview: Elizabeth Haydon (author of The Tree of Water)
  38. Author Interview and Guest Post: Mary Waibel (author of Faery Marked)


  1. Author Interview and Guest Post: G. Gordon Dean (author of Scam Factory)
  2. Guest Post: Ken Dalton (author of The Tartan Shroud)
  3. Guest Post: May Nicole Abbey (author of The Dreamer)
  4. Guest Post: Sally Smith O’Rourke (author of Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen)
  5. Guest Post: Rebecca Graf (author of Deep Connections)
  6. Guest Post: Frank Nappi (author of Echoes from the Infantry)
  7. Guest Post: Tim Forbes (author of It’s Game Time Somewhere)
  8. Guest Post: Mari Passananti (author of The K Street Affair)
  9. Guest Post: Patrick Thibeault (author of My Journey as a Combat Medic)
  10. Author Interview and Guest Post: Troy Jackson (author of The Elementals)
  11. Author Interview: Sarah Pleydell (author of Cologne: A Novel)
  12. Author Interview: G.T. Herren (author of Fashion Victim)
  13. Guest Post: Cami Checketts (author of Poison Me)
  14. Guest Post: Shelly Lowenkopf (author of The Fiction Writer’s Handbook)
  15. Author Interview: Sheryn MacMunn (author of Finding Out)
  16. Author Interview: Sherry Gloag (author of Vidal’s Honor)
  17. Guest Post: Jon  S. Lewis (author of the C.H.A.O.S. series)
  18. Guest Post: Lane Heymont (author of The Freedman and The Pharoah’s Staff)
  19. Guest Post: Emily O’Reilly (character from Rock Harbor: Search and Rescue)
  20. Guest Post: Dianne Kowal Kirtley (author of Point of Departure)
  21. Guest Post: Zanna Mackenzie (author of The Love Programme)
  22. Guest Post: Deborah Nam-Krane (author of The Smartest Girl in the Room)
  23. Author Interview: Coleen Patrick (author of Come Back to Me)
  24. Guest Post: Brenda Maxfield (author of The Lance Temptation)
  25. Author Interview: Helen Sedwick (author of Coyote Winds)
  26. Guest Post: Allison Rushby (author of The Heiresses)
  27. Guest Post: Elle Marie (author of Chronicle of the Mound Builders)
  28. Cover Artist Interview: Adara Rosalie (cover art for Earth Angel)
  29. Blogger Interview: Melissa (associate reviewer for Every Free Chance Book Reviews)
  30. Guest Post: Lydia Crichton (author of Grains of Truth)
  31. Author Interview: Denise Grover Swank (author of After Math)
  32. Guest Post: Genevieve Fairbrother (author of Eleusis)
  33. Guest Post: Rylee Adamson (main character in The Rylee Adamson series)
  34. Author Interview: Lisa D. Ellis (author of Finding Lily)
  35. Author Interview: Leigh T. Moore (author of Dragonfly)
  36. Author Interview: Rahima Warren (author of Dark Innocence)
  37. Author Interview: Ruth Silver (author of Aberrant)
  38. Author Interview: Thomas Christopher (author of Never Too Far)
  39. Guest Post: J.A. Redmerski (author of Killing Sarai)
  40. Guest Post: Melissa Francis (author of Diary of a Stage Mother’s Daughter)
  41. Author Interview: Elle Casey (author of Shine Not Burn)
  42. Guest Post: Jill Elaine Hughes (author of Zombie, Incorporated)
  43. Guest Post: Faith A. Rice-Mills (author of Identified: The Maya Price Story)
  44. Author Interview: Christina J. Adams (author of Fadeout)
  45. Author Interview: David-Michael Harding (author of Cherokee Talisman)
  46. Guest Post: Carol Ann Martin (author of Looming Murder)
  47. Author Interview: Kathleen Kole (author of Tales from the Laundry Pile)
  48. Guest Post: Mingmei Yip (author of Nine Fold Heaven)
  49. Author Interview: Marysue G. Hobika (author of Summer Love)
  50. Author Interview: Jess Riley (author of Mandatory Release)
  51. Guest Post: Rebecca Jamison (author of Emma: A Latter-day Tale)
  52. Guest Post: Belinda Nicoll (author of Out of Sync)
  53. Guest Post: Sue Welfare (author of Off the Record and Cooking Up a Storm)
  54. Guest Post: Tia Silverthorne Bach (author of Chasing Memories)
  55. Guest Post: Rick Johnson (author of Helga: Out of Hedgelands)
  56. Guest Post: Jill Cooper (author of 15 Minutes)
  57. Author Interview: Jon Foyt (author of Marcel Proust in Taos)
  58. Guest Post: Julie Cross (author of Letters to Nowhere)
  59. Guest Post: Barbara DeLeo (author of Dishing Up Desire)
  60. Guest Post: Meredith Allard (author of Her Dear & Loving Husband)
  61. Guest Post: Sally Wiener Grotta (author of Jo Joe)
  62. Author Interview: Liz Stauffer (author of Thursday Morning Breakfast (and Murder) Club)
  63. Author Interview: Josh Grayson (author of Sia)
  64. Guest Post: Deborah Nam-Krane (author of The Family You Choose)
  65. Guest Post: Linda A. Cadose (author of The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx)
  66. Author Interview: Tori L. Ridgewood (author of Wind and Shadow, The Talbot Trilogy #1)
  67. Author Interview: Allie Everhart (author of Choosing You)
  68. Author Interview: Jack Belmonte (author of The Octavian Latticework)
  69. Guest Post: Michael Pierce (author of SUSY Asylum)
  70. Author Interview: L.K. Lewis (author of Breaking the Rules)
  71. Author Interview: B.B. Shepherd (author of The Glister Journals: Bronze)
  72. Guest Post: S.M. Boyce (author of Lichgates)
  73. Guest Post: Jami Deise (author of Keeping Score)
  74. Author Interview: Maria T. Lennon (author of Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child)
  75. Author Interview: Kathleen Wheaton (author of Aliens & Other Stories)
  76. Author Interview: Eden Unger Bowditch (author of The Ravens of Solemano)
  77. Guest Post: Melissa Eskue Ousley (author of Sign of the Throne)
  78. Guest Post: Missy B. Salick (author of Claiming Jeremiah)
  79. Guest Post: Julie Farley (author of Tripped Up Love)
  80. Guest Post: Monica MacDonald (author of Rook)
  81. Guest Post: Jennifer Snyder (author of Break You)
  82. Guest Post: Angie Stanton (author of Snowed Over)
  83. Guest Post: Robert Steven Williams (author of My Year As a Clown)
  84. Guest Post: Pauline Creeden (author of Sanctuary)
  85. Guest Post: Katherine Owen (author of This Much Is True)
  86. Guest Post: Karen Amanda Hooper (author of Dangerous Depths)
  87. Guest Post: Patty Maximini (author of Exception)
  88. Guest Post: Teko Bernard (author of The Hoop Kid from Elmdale Park)
  89. Author Interview: Olivia Rivers (author of Counting Shadows)
  90. Guest Post: Darby Karchut (author of Finn Finnegan)
  91. Guest Post: Katie Schell (author of Love Beyond Measure)
  92. Guest Post: Shauna Granger (author of World of Ash)
  93. Guest Post: Tamara Lee Dorris (author of Casey’s Quest)
  94. Author Interview: Karoline Barrett (author of The Art of Being Rebekkah)
  95. Guest Post: Cherie Lasota (author of Echoes in the Glass)
  96. Interview: Cameron Jace (author of Pentimento)
  97. Guest Post: William W. Buisch (author of The Ark’s Cargo)


  1. Author Interview: Ryan Collins (author of Narrative Loserdom: From Journal One)
  2. Author Interview: Krista Holle (author of The Lure of Shapinsay)
  3. Guest Post by author Aaron Smith  (one author in the Prom Dates to Die For book)
  4. Author Interview: Lindsay Paige (author of the Bold As Love series)
  5. Guest Post: Monique Domovitch (author of Scorpio Rising and The Sting of the Scorpio)
  6. Guest Post: Brenda Stanley (author of The Color of Snow)
  7. Guest Post: Kersten Kelly (author of ec.o.nom.ics: a simple twist on normalcy)
  8. Guest Post: Leslie Langtry (author of ‘Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy)
  9. Guest Post by Tracie Banister (author of In Need of Therapy)
  10. Guest Post: Kristen Wolf (author of The Way)
  11. Guest Post: Cat Lavoie (author of Breaking the Rules)
  12. Author Interview: Jenn Flynn-Shon (author of Ripple the Twine)
  13. Author Interview: Tom Bane (author of Masks of the Lost Kings)
  14. Author Interview: Jody Gehrman (author of Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft)
  15. Guest Post: Anne Kemp (author of Rum Punch Regrets)
  16. Author Interview: Ruby Preston (author of Showbiz, A Novel)
  17. Author Interview: Jerome Charyn (author of Back to Bataan)
  18. Author Interview: Charles Johnson (author of How to Find the Right One & Make It Last!)
  19. Guest Post: Adam McOmber (author of The White Forest)
  20. Guest Post by Samantha Durante (author of  Stitch)
  21. Author Interview: Robin Maxwell (author of Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan)
  22. Guest Post: Annmarie Kelly (author of Victorious Woman)
  23. Author Interview: Lee Zamloch (author of Catch the Sun)
  24. Guest Post: Savannah Page (author of When Girlfriends Break Hearts)
  25. Guest Post: J. Anderson (author of At What Cost)
  26. Author Interview: Mark Murphy (author of The Shadow Man)
  27. Guest Post: Caroline Burau (author of Sugarfiend)
  28. Guest Post: M. Mariz (author of The Chosen of Gaia)
  29. Guest Post: Mary Castillo (author of Lost in the Light)
  30. Guest Post: David Ebenbach (author of Into the Wilderness)
  31. Guest Post: Emily Ford (author of 2:32 A.M.)
  32. Guest Post: Zoe McKnight (author of Living in Glass Houses)
  33. Author Interview: Veronika Carnaby (author of Bohemia)
  34. Author Interview: Scott Cramer (author of Night of the Purple Moon)
  35. Guest Post: Libby Mercer (author of Fashioning a Romance and Unmasking Maya)
  36. Author Interview: Maimah Karmo (author of Fearless: Awakening to My Life’s Purpose Through Breast Cancer)
  37. Author Interview and Guest Post: William G. Byrnes (author of The Banker Spy)
  38. Guest Post: Vanessa Morgan (author of GPS with Benefits)
  39. Author Interview: Faye Hicks (author of Defining Moments)
  40. Guest Post: Laurel Garver (author of Never Gone)
  41. Guest Post: Karey White (author of For What It’s Worth)
  42. Guest Post: Donna Joy Usher (author of The Seven Steps to Closure)
  43. Author Interview: John Catenacci (author of Dianna’s Way)
  44. Guest Post: Rachael Anderson (author of Twist of Fate)
  45. Guest Post: Samantha March (author of The Green Ticket)
  46. Author Interview: Henry Bushkin (author of A Hard Act to Follow)