1. Black and Gold: Formation by General Asa
  2. Dreams of Youth by Christopher Abraham
  3. Theo and the Forbidden Language by Melanie Ansley
  4. Falling Immortality by Robert Downs
  5. Lost in Arcadia by Sean Gandert
  6. The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham


  1. The Blue Line by Ingrid Betancourt
  2. The Boy Who Granted Dreams by Luca Di Fulvo
  3. Not Always Happenstance by Rachael Anderson
  4. Death by Hitchcock by Elissa D. Grodin
  5. The Keys of Cobolt by D.K. Roman
  6. The Saga of Urunem by Caton Hartworth
  7. Written in Hell by Jason Helford


  1. Breath of the Titans by Riley and Sara Westbrook
  2. Courvalian: The Resistance by Benjamin Reed
  3. The Tell-Tale Heart by Jill Dawson
  4. Chronicles from Chateau Moines by Evelyne Holingue
  5. Link by D.A. Karr
  6. Seducing Excel by Sofia Santiago
  7. Family Magic by Patti Larsen
  8. Dwarves in Space by S.E. Zbasnik
  9. The Beast of Cretacea by Todd Strasser
  10. Deceit and Other Conveniences by Alex M. Adelson


  1.  Running with the Enemy by Lloyd Lofthouse
  2. Psychotherapy of Character: The Play of Consciousness in the Theater of the Brain by Robert A. Berezin, M.D.
  3. Amulet of Elusion by Katie Lynn Johnson
  4. Root Bound by Tanya Karen Gough
  5. The Cost of Love and Sanity by Jaye Cherie
  6. Fog City Strangler by Greg Messel
  7. Sworn to Secrecy (Courtlight #4) by Terah Edun
  8. The Knife’s Edge by Matthew Wolf
  9. Element Keepers: Whispers of the Wind by E.P. Marcellin
  10. The Fog Machine by Susan Follett
  11. The Here and Now by Ann Brashares
  12. Never Gone by Laurel Garver
  13. The Accidental Socialite by Stephanie Wahlstrom
  14. The Curse of the Thrax by Mark Murphy
  15. This Changes Everything (The Spanners #1) by Sally Ember
  16. A View to Die For by Richard Houston
  17. Blood Lilies by T. A. Miles
  18. The Exile (Stones of Power #1) by Eric Buffington
  19. Stranger at Sunset by Eden Baylee
  20. The Hanging Tree by Michael Phillip Cash
  21. Wednesdaymeter by Dean Carnby
  22. The Undertaking of Tess Blessing by Lesley Kagen
  23. Neurotica by Eliza Gordon
  24. Birth of Evil  by D.W. Carver
  25. Edge of End by Suren Hakobyan
  26. Wolf Slayer by Patricia La Barbera


  1. The Dalius Cure by Mason Black
  2. The Emerald Tablet by Joshua Silverman
  3. The Unraveling of Bebe Jones by Roje Augustin
  4. Jo Joe by Sally Wiener Grotta
  5. Maddie’s Choice by Joyce Zeller
  6. Scion of the Sun by Nicola Marsh
  7. Zoe & Zak and the Ghost Leopard by Lars Guignard
  8. Sparks the Matchmaker by Russell Elkins
  9. The Boon by Eugene Uttley
  10. AfterLife by S.P. Cloward