My Favorite . . . Time to Read — January 31, 2018


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This week’s Favorite is: Time to Read


My favorite time to read is every free chance I can. Truly. I don’t have one set time that I read. I love to read while walking the track, while taking a bubble bath, in bed, outside, while waiting in line, while eating a meal . . . you get the point.


at bedtime


ALL THE TIME! j/k My daughter likes me to stay in her room while she falls asleep, so I get a lot of quality time with my Kindle while I’m waiting.


When is your favorite time to read?


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  1. I read any chance I get, waiting in the car when i’m piking up my daughter from various activities, listening to audiobooks while I’m cooking, cleaning and walking, but my favorite time is in the evening.

  2. That’s so true! Every moment you can read is the best. But I do love to read in bed. Especially when I’m able to stay in bed long.
    Thanks for signing up and sharing your favorite

  3. I’ve always read before bed since a small child so that is my favorite. But I love that nowadays I can pull out my phone and jump into a book whenever I’m waiting for something.

  4. My favorite time to read is in the quiet of the early morning or the night, although I’ll read whenever I can.

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