My Favorite . . . Audiobook — January 17, 2018


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This week’s Favorite is: Audiobook


I haven’t finished an audiobook yet. I tend to zone out while I’m listening. I did receive an audiobook for Christmas, so I’m excited to give it a try!

The Harry Potter series by Jim Dale


What is your favorite audiobook?



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  1. I love doing non fiction on audio!

    Ashley @ A Cute Angle //

  2. I do the same thing, Chrissy! I have to really focus when I’m listening to an audiobook. It is very easy for me to tune out.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I only listen to two audiobooks so far but I enjoyed them both so I’m planning to listen to many more this year. 😁❤️

  4. Hi Chrissy, what audiobook did you get? I think with anything it takes some getting used to IDK. I believe in some ways by just using your sense of hearing can be a terrible way to read a book, especially if you have to write a review. I don’t know how people do it. Admittingly I need to follow along with the book in my hand.

  5. Wow.. the Harry Potter series on audio.. I definitely need to listen to that one someday! I totally get the whole zoning out but.. I have that to. But the one I did love was ‘The Silent Waters’ by Brittainy C. Cherry.
    Thanks for signing up and sharing your favorite.

  6. The Harry Potter series on audio sounds like it would be good.