My Favorite . . . Romantic Moment — February 15, 2017


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This week’s Favorite is: Romantic Moment
I think my favorite romantic moment is when my husband brings me coffee in the morning. Almost every morning, while I’m getting ready for the day, he brings me a cup of coffee just the way I like it. That to me is so sweet and very romantic. Oh! One more romantic moment: he’s making me custom bookshelves!
After my husband proposed (and I forgot to say ‘yes’), he told me we were going out to dinner to celebrate. He’d reserved a table on the second floor of our favorite restaurant, and when I got to the top of the stairs, I saw a giant table and all of my (soon-to-be) family members waiting to welcome me into the family. I still hadn’t actually said “yes,” but Husband and I are going on nine years of marriage and that moment still makes me all melty inside.



  1. A cup of coffee every morning just the way you like it is definitely very romantic Chrissy. Sounds like you’ve got yourself a great man. 😉
    That’s so romantic Melissa. I can definitely see why it still gets you all melty inside.
    Thanks for sharing again this week ladies!

  2. Chrissy, you’re husband is so sweet! Coffee and bookshelves! I don’t drink coffee, but chocolate milk could so be my morning thing. I couldn’t imagine the man bringing me in a cup every morning – so swoony!

    Melissa, I am terrified when I get asked again (you know, the “thank God I dodged that bullet” and the complete whacko random stalker stranger weren’t enough) that I’m going to forget to say yes! Either that, or I’m going to think it’s Candid Camera…or just cry. Probably cry. That is such a memorable story!

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