My Favorite . . . Childhood Memory — February 1, 2017


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This week’s Favorite is: Childhood Memory


So many to choose from . . . one of my favorites is sledding. We had a huge hill a few blocks away, and my dad always took me sledding in the evenings. Afterward, we would come home and have hot chocolate.



We lived in Indiana, which is FLAT, so you could see thunderstorms coming from miles away. We used to know exactly how much longer we could play outside before it started raining.




  1. When we were teenagers we would go sledding on this huge hill at the local community college. They stopped letting people do it when a girl broke her arm a few years ago.

  2. Oh my.. Sledding and hot chocolate sounds amazing. I totally get why that would be a great memory.
    And I love watching thunderstorms. It definitely has something magical about it. And knowing how you long you could play before the rain started sounds very handy! 😀
    Thanks for signing up again this week!

  3. Growing up I WISHED I could go sledding in the winter. It was to remain just a dream. No snow in Central Texas! I loved watching thunderstorms. We’d sit on the front porch and watch it roll in.