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Hi, Everyone!

In an effort to spend less time meal planning and more time reading, I decided to give Home Chef a try. It costs less than taking the whole family to a restaurant, and it seemed like a fun way to add some new recipes to my repertoire.

Tonight: Thai Red Curry Shrimp

I cook a lot and follow recipes with ease, but I really love the detailed recipe cards/pages with pictures.

I added extra peppers and snow peas to our meal. We love these veggies! It looks like the picture!

And the finished plate! I wasn’t fancy with rice, but it sure was tasty. The lime added a nice freshness to the dish.


If I make it again: I will definitely make this again. I love the flavors, and this recipe was very easy to throw together.

Did my kids eat it: Again, we didn’t share with the kids. They aren’t into spicy food.



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  1. I’m so curious about these Home Chef (et al) deliveries. I love to cook and this seems like it would make it so easy. I think I’ll have to give it a whirl at some point. Looks delicious! Great pics!

    • Home Chef is my favorite one so far. I like that you can choose the meals you receive and how many. I also like the variety. We’ve made a few things that I never would have considered making on my own. And now I know I’ll make them again.

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