In the Kitchen: Home Chef Subscription: Lamb Meatball Pita


Hi, Everyone!

In an effort to spend less time meal planning and more time reading, I decided to give Home Chef a try. It costs less than taking the whole family to a restaurant, and it seemed like a fun way to add some new recipes to my repertoire.

Tonight: Lamb Meatball Pita

Home Chef Lamb meatballs (1)

I love the ingredients Home Chef sends. They are so fresh, clearly labels, and they even peel the garlic!

Home Chef Lamb meatballs (2)

Here’s some prep work.

The prep work was pretty easy. The meatballs took no time to mix and form. Next time, I will bake them on parchment paper instead of foil. The mashed chickpeas with mint and lemon juice was so tasty. I was eating it with a spoon. I did save some for our pitas, but it was really tasty. I definitely have to make that again–for a meal and maybe just to snack on.

Home Chef Lamb meatballs (3)

This is Home Chef’s picture of the finished product because I forgot to take a picture of our actual meal. I know, I’m sorry, but it was just soooooo good that I gobbled it up.


The salad on the side is arugula, lemon juice, olive oil, and a bit of salt and pepper topped with lemon zest. It was very light and refreshing. And I have discovered that I LOVE arugula. It is so tasty. You can also mix arugula with some lime juice, olive oil, and crushed red pepper flakes for a great side salad or for sandwiches or burgers. Excellent!

If I make it again: I will back the meatballs on parchment paper instead of foil. They stuck a bit to the foil.

Did my kids eat it: We didn’t share this time around. I may make it for them someday.



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