Summer Reading Challenge: Appetite by Sheila Grinell (spotlight)

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written by Sheila Grinell
published by She Writes Press, 2016

find it here: (affiliate links) Barnes & Noble (Nook) (print), Amazon, iBooks, Book Depository, Goodreads

I am currently reading this book. It is pretty good so far. I love these stories about families who are at a time in their lives when there are big changes happening–children growing up and moving on, empty nesters figuring out their new normal. It’s interesting to watch how they adapt, adjust, accept, reject those changes. Stay tuned for my review! It will be up next week!

About the book – from Goodreads: When Jenn Adler returns from a year in India, she has a surprise for her parents: a young guru from Bangalore whom she intends to marry. Her father, Paul, is wary of this beggar Jenn has brought home who, he suspects, is conning his much-loved daughter while her mother, Maggie, is frightened that this alien stranger will steal away her only child, her focus in life. In the months leading up to the backyard wedding, Maggie is forced to reevaluate her virtues as she casts about for support, and Paul faces an unexpected threat at work one that Maggie could help him meet, if he would only ask. But even with these distractions, the two parents are focused on one primary question: Can they convince their daughter she is making a terrible mistake before the wedding takes place?