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Welcome to my stop on the #ChickLitMay A to Z Scavenger Hunt!! My letter is I and my word is INTELLIGENT.

That’s right, INTELLIGENT. I know many people do not equate “intelligent” with chick lit. A lot of people hear “chick lit” and think “fluff.” I’m here to tell you that those people are wrong.

INTELLIGENT. Many heroines of chick lit are extremely intelligent. Sure, they find themselves in crazy predicaments or terrible love trouble, but these women are intelligent. They have degrees, they own their own businesses, they can think for themselves, and they usually get themselves out of the predicaments. Their intelligence is evident from the beginning of their story to the end.

INTELLIGENT. The writers of chick lit are intelligent. To come up with these story ideas, plots, twists, and romantic elements, it is an amazing thing. The writers take their readers into a different world and allow their readers to experience everything their characters are experiencing. Whether I’m reading or editing, I feel what the characters are feeling, I experience what the characters are experiencing, and I could be friends with these characters. It’s a wonderful feeling, and it is truly awe-inspiring that these writers can make us readers feel that way.

INTELLIGENT. The readers of chick lit are intelligent. We love the happily ever afters. We love the giddy feels. We love the heroines. We love their leading men. We love the escapism from our own lives, careers, businesses, worries. Just because we read chick lit doesn’t mean we are somehow less intelligent. It means we love a fabulous story. The end. We don’t have to justify our love of chick lit. We just have to read it and love it.

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