Bookshelves and Giveaways – May 5, 2016

Hi, Everyone!

We’re going to try a new feature out for the summer. We’re going to show you our bookshelves! We all love our books!! I’m starting with my favorite bookshelf, my Harry Potter shelf. That’s right . . . I have a shelf dedicated to Harry Potter. That’s really not all that surprising. I told my husband that when we get new bookshelves, I’ll need at least two shelves for Harry Potter. Anyway . . . here’s the shelf!

HP shelf


I love the Funko POPs. (Since this picture was taken, I got the Draco Malfoy POP.) I still have more to get . . . hence the reason for at least one more Harry Potter shelf. Probably more. I have more Harry Potter stuff that hasn’t made it to the shelf yet. 😉

And now for the giveaway! I have some some extra unread books in my house–again, not all that surprising!–and I want to pass them on to you guys. For this giveaway, I have two books: The Man Who Spoke Snakish by Andrus Kivirahk and A Stone in the Sea by A.L. Jackson. (Goodreads links)

Snakish and sone

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  1. I’m really really curious where you got your triwizard tournament cup replica!