In the Kitchen: Blue Apron Subscription: Shrimp Spaghetti


Hi, Everyone!

In an effort to spend less time meal planning and more time reading, I decided to give Blue Apron a try. It costs less than taking the whole family to a restaurant, and it seemed like a fun way to add some new recipes to my repertoire.

Tonight: Shrimp Spaghetti with Cabbage & Toasted Breadcrumbs


YUM. Just, YUM.

Husband wasn’t too thrilled with the shrimp, but we all enjoyed the flavor of this dish. The cabbage was an interesting addition, but definitely one we liked! Who knew our little family liked cabbage so much?







If I make it again:

  1. More spaghetti!
  2. More cabbage!
  3. More garlic!
  4. Skip the shrimp or sub with chicken
  5. Skip the breadcrumbs

Did my kids eat it: Yes. There were, as usual, no leftovers.


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