Story Time Saturday: The Goodnight Train


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The Goodnight Train

written by June Sobel
published by HMH Books for Young Readers, 2006

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Did I enjoy this book: 
Listen. My son was obsessed with trains until about a month ago when he discovered Minecraft. OBSESSED. I’m not lying to you when I say I’ve read every. single. train. book. in. print. YES, even the science-y ones with nine zillion words and four pictures. My son is three. I was excited, then, when a friend sent this book for him. Hooray! A new and different train book!

. . . except . . .

This book is filled with weird noises. I mean, I was expecting some “chugga chuggas” and some “choo-choos.” I’m even OK with the occasional “clickety-clack,” but I draw the line at “huff-a-puff-a.” You can’t make me say it.

Since I also refuse to say, “rock-a, rock-a” or “hush-a, hush-a,” I only ended up reading about half the words in the book. Listen. I’m typically a fan onomatopoeia, but my kid is smarter than rock-a and hush-a. And listen, the story is cute, but I prefer to treat my children as though they’re intelligent little things (which is why I’m not going to read this to my 7-month-old either).

DISCLAIMER: I have an unnatural hatred of baby talk; I would definitely not be chosen as a jury member if this book goes to trial (which it should, because huff-a-puff-a).


Would I recommend it: No. Try this one instead:  Trains


About the book – from Goodreads: All aboard for Dreamland! Hold on to your pillow because the Goodnight Train is taking off. Roll that corner, rock that curve, and soar past mermaids, leaping sheep, and even ice-cream clouds. You won’t want to miss a thing, so whatever you do, don’t . . . close . . . your . . . eyes!

With soothing, lyrical words and magical illustrations, June Sobel and Laura Huliska-Beith have created a nighttime fantasy that’s guaranteed to make even the most resistant sleeper snuggle up tight.




  1. I have this book for my son because he has an affection for trains. I love the illustrations more than I love the words.