Julie’s Review: Saving Sophie by Ronald H. Balson

Saving Sophie

Saving Sophie 
written by Ronald H. Balson
published by St. Martin’s Griffin, 2015

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange  for an honest review.

Did I enjoy this book: 
For the most part, yes. I found some of the historical and geographical information a bit banal, but it provided necessary background and the plot kept me interested.

Jack is an accountant who finds himself in a dangerous situation involving terrorism, murder and embezzlement as he mourns the death of his wife and kidnapping of his daughter. He is desperate to stay alive and retrieve his daughter from her grandparents in Hebron. Aided by lawyer and PI team Catherine and Liam, as well as CIA operative Kayla, Jack puts his life on the line to find his daughter Sophie. I found myself caring about Jack and Sophie and in the same token somewhat irritated by the unoriginal Catherine and Liam. Although predictable, the plot did provide enough suspense to keep me reading.

Would I recommend it: Yes, to those who enjoy historical fiction with a touch of suspense.



About the book – from Goodreads: From the author of Once We Were Brothers, Liam and Catherine team up again to investigate an embezzlement case, and discover a link between their prime suspect, a kidnapping, and a terrorist cell.

Jack Sommers was just an ordinary accountant from Chicago. That is, until his wife passed away, his young daughter was kidnapped, and he became the main suspect in an $88 million dollar embezzlement case. Now, Jack is on the run, hoping to avoid the feds long enough to rescue his daughter, Sophie, from her maternal grandfather, a suspected terrorist in Palestine.

With the help of the investigative team who first appeared in Once We Were Brothers, Liam and Catherine, and a new CIA operative, a secret mission is launched to not only rescue Sophie, but also to thwart a major terrorist attack in Hebron. But will being caught in the crossfires of the Palestine-Israeli conflict keep their team from accomplishing the task at hand, or can they overcome the odds and save countless lives, including their own?

Saving Sophie is the powerful story of the lengths a father will go through to protect his daughter, alongside the religious and political persecution of a nation caught in a civil war. This action-packed thriller will take you on an unforgettable journey of murder and deception, testing the bonds of family and love along the way.



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