Story Time with Sara: The Twelve Days of Christmas by Romeo Muller

The Twelve Days of Christmas 
written by Romeo Muller
published by Publications International, 1993

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Did I enjoy this book: The cover has a bunch of cute teddy bears wearing fun, colorful clothes, and I was looking for a bunch of Christmas books for a project, so I picked it up. What I forgot is how f***ing annoying the song (on which this book is based) is. Fortunately, the song, while being the premise of the story, does not play a huge part.

Muller actually brings quite a bit of humor and entertainment to this age-old tune. The Land of Jingle Merry Teddies is both cute and utterly ridiculous, which is part of why I enjoyed the story. The boys and I had fun following Mrs. Partridge (no relation to the TV show) and Squire Very Merry as they wooed the fair Princess Bear . . . ’cause that’s what the song is about, people. Courting a teddy bear. Duh.

Bonus: After reading this book, my son heard the song for the first time and exclaimed, “MOM! This is the song about the BEARS!!!!!” which was cute, except that we were sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room and everyone looked at us like we had three heads and I was the worst mother ever. I could see the scorn in another woman’s eyes: “There are no bears in ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ . . . what does this woman teach her children?” (I’m sure this imagined inner monologue says more about me than her, but I digress . . .)


Would I recommend it: It’s a cute and fun book, but it is on the long side, so be warned. I mean, it’s based on the longest freaking Christmas song EVER, so what would you expect? I am glad it’s part of our Christmas Story Collection, and it will make a nice addition to yours as well!



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