Story Time with Sara: My Rhinoceros by John Agee


My RhinocerosMy Rhinoceros
written by John Agee
published by Michael di Capua Books, 2003

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Did I enjoy this book: 
I really did, and my three-year-old loved it even more! This silly tale about a boy who is disappointed with his pet rhinoceros is a sweet, funny, little story with a twist that your family is sure to love. I mean, who wants a hippopotamus anyway . . . am I right?! The illustrations are fun and fanciful, which fits the story perfectly!


Would I recommend it: I certainly would! Pick this one up and add it to your library. Even if you don’t like it, it’s very short so it won’t last long.


About the book – from Goodreads: Watch Jon Agee win over a new flock of fans–the toddler set

If you should ever get a rhinoceros for a pet, you’re in for a surprise. It won’t chase a ball. Or a stick. Or a frisbie. In fact, according to the experts, a rhinoceros does only two things: pop balloons and poke holes in kites.

But don’t be discouraged. As you’ll discover in Jon Agee’s hilarious picture book, rhinoceroses can do more–so much more–than that!