Gina’s Review: Another Summer by Georgia Bockoven


Another SummerAnother Summer (The Beach House #2)
written by Georgia Bockoven
published by HarperTorch, 2001

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Did I enjoy this book: 
This book series is like Pringles: 0nce I pop, I can’t stop. I love the characters because I would be friends with them. I’d love to sip margaritas on the beach with them. Bockoven has a way of making each storyline flow and feel real. You root for the characters and want them to find their happy ending. My favorite storyline had to do with the pair that met at their school reunion. I know it’s been done before in many books, but this one just made me smile. Summer beach reads should have that feeling. You want that balance of realism and the smell of the ocean. And since I love a good romance, it is perfection.


“If the destination was a broken heart, at least she would always have the memory of the journey.”



Would I recommend it: Absolutely. It is one of my favorite summer reads. This whole series so far has been summer reading perfection.


About the book – from Goodreads: If you’re lost and lonely…come in.The quaint little beach house perched on the Pacific’s edge is a haven for those seeking refuge from life’s tempests. This season the tenants renting the secluded cottage by the sea are different — yet each is searching for something. A young mother wracked with guilt and despair over a tragic death; a beautiful, successful lawyer denying the passion she’s never known…and always desired: a little boy with no laughter in his life; a man and a woman parted for twenty year, who never stopped loving each other, This is where they bring their pain, their broken hearts, their courage, and their dreams. And in this magical summer, this is where their dreams will come true.




  1. Beautiful book cover – the colors really capture the feeling of the seaside. Great book review! 🙂

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