Story Time with Sara: Are You Ticklish? by Melanie Mitchell



Are You Ticklish?Are You Ticklish? 
illustrated by Melanie Mitchell
published by Piggie Toes Press, 2008

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Did I enjoy this book: 
We love this fun little rhyming board book! This was one of the first baby books given to us by a dear friend, and we just pulled it back out of storage for our little guy (big brother outgrew it a while ago). The illustrations are vivid, fanciful, and certainly keep the attention of little eyes. My one-year-old loves to touch (and tickle) the sensory swatch for each animal. The lion has fur, the elephant is leathery, the crocodile has scales. This book has been well-loved for the better part of three years and is still holding up well enough to be of use for the second kid (that’s a huge boon in my book)! What’s more is that after three years of reading this book, it still makes me smile when we get to the end and I get to tickle my little animal and watch him giggle!


Would I recommend it: I sure would! This is a great addition to baby’s first library!