Story Time with Sara: When Dinosaurs Came with Everything by Elisa Broach


When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything
written by Elise Broach
published by Simon and Schuster

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Did I enjoy this book: When Dinosaurs came with Everything is a really great book! It has a fun and silly story for the kids and enough humor to keep the adults reading the book happy as well.

Our favorite part was that the story made us believe that one day we might walk into our favorite grocery store and instead of getting a free cookie, we might get a dinosaur! In fact, this story prompted some science discussion with my three-year-old to ensure that he understood even though dinosaurs are real, they lived a very long time ago (and stores don’t give them away). “But Mum,” he argued, “we have a backyard too . . . they could live there!”

The illustrations are a perfect complement to this goofy story, and the dinosaurs are well-crafted (even though they are cartoony). The font placement and sizes added to the effect, making us understand the mother’s disdain for the giant reptiles that were following her home.

The ending is cute, and I like that the underlying lesson is that being part of a family means helping out, even if you are a dinosaur!

Golden Lines
“I hugged her leg. ‘Don’t worry, Mom. They can live in the backyard!'”

Would I recommend it: This is a great book for a quick, silly read. It would be especially good for any children who REALLY like dinosaurs! I’d say go for it!


About the book – from Barnes & Noble:

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