Chrissy’s Review: Serenade by Emily Kiebel


written by Emily Kiebel
published by SparkPress

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange  for an honest review.

Did I enjoy this book: 
Not really. I wanted to, but it just missed the mark for me.

This is my first book about sirens, a very interesting subject matter that I would like to read more books about. The story is set up well, and there is some explanation about the sirens and what they do. There are rogue sirens that are turned into banshees. There are messengers who have the premonitions of the deaths to come and let their sirens know when they will be needed. All the makings of a great story are here.

But here’s the thing: the story was just too slow and kind of boring for me. I didn’t really care if I picked it up and read it. It didn’t matter. It didn’t call to me. It didn’t grab my attention. I finished it because I was hoping for the end to grab me and let me know why I read this book. I wanted more history and education of Lorelei. (I love her name, by the way. Great choice!) I wanted less beginning, or maybe some different beginning parts. I didn’t want the insta-love in this case. It didn’t fit. I wanted more from Lorelei. She’s in college but didn’t act like it. She was locked in an attic, but then let it go quickly. She found out this crazy thing about herself — that she is a siren — and there was little rejection or acceptance of that fact by her. Her relationship with her mother was awful and not fully explained. I did like that she questioned the purpose of sirens, that she didn’t want to help people die if she could save them. I liked that a lot, because their purpose is kind of depressing. And I didn’t like the thought of not trying to save those who could potentially be saved.

The book ends in a cliffhanger. I won’t read the sequel.


Would I recommend it: Sure, because I think this is a book some people will really enjoy. It just didn’t engage me enough.

About the book: 
Suddenly the voice she prized is now dangerously seductive.

Lorelei Clark’s only concern was her future as a classically trained soprano, that is, until the day her father was tragically killed. Shattered by his death, she hesitantly accepts an invitation from a mysterious aunt to visit her lavish oceanside home in Cape Cod. She quickly discovers that her aunt and the two women who live with her are harboring a frightening secret – they are sirens, terrifying mythical creatures responsible for singing doomed sailors to their deaths. Even more astounding, Lorelei is one of them.

In this new world where water comes alive at her touch and an ancient power pulses beneath the tide, the most important rule Lorelei must learn is that a siren never interferes with fate. When she breaks this rule by rescuing a handsome sailor who should have died at sea, the sirens vow she must finish the job or face grave consequences. Finding herself inexplicably attracted to him, she must fight to keep him safe from the others, even if it means risking her own life – and her heart – in the process.



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