Thoughtful Thursday – Favorite Villain – September 11, 2014


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September 11: Who is one of your favorite antagonist/villain of all time?

Um.  Cruella DeVille is a big, fat jerk.  I mean, puppies?  PUPPIES?  Really?  That’s just not nice.

But on a more serious note…

I don’t think I’ve actually really thought about having a favorite bad guy before, but I will say that my favorite books are those in which it’s difficult to decide who is “bad” ans who is “good”.  Turns out most everyone’s life is somewhere on the gray scale, and a “good” person making “good” choices (or a “bad” person making “bad” choices) isn’t really that interesting to me.



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  1. I love this question! I would say Amy Dunne from Gone Girl.

    Terri M.
    Second Run