Thoughtful Thursday – Book Series – July 12, 2014


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June 12: There are lots of different types of series. For example, there are series that are just one long story (e.g., The Lord of the Rings), there are series that follow a character on a set of different adventures (e.g., The Dresden Files and The Sookie Stackhouse novels), and there are series that are a collection of stand alone novels all within the same universe (e.g., Star Wars Universe). What is your favorite type of series?


I LOVE series!  I adore finding characters and worlds worth following through multi-book adventures (and believe me it doesn’t happen often enough), and I’m typically not picky about what sort of series it turns out to be.  Or rather, I wasn’t picky until I read the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson (you can see a few of my reviews here, here, and here).  Maybe it’s because Sanderson had a really great thing going with the first three books in the series – they’d fall into the “one long story” category – but the fourth shifted focus and suddenly, though Sanderson’s universe remained constant, Book 4 turned out to be a stand-alone novel, which I actively dislike.

I guess ultimately I’m just looking for consistency: if you’ve got a style that’s working for you, stick with it.  I’m a binge-reader (and a binge-Netflixer, too), so if I’m going to form an addiction to a particular series, it’s got to be predictable enough not to annoy me.  I’m a fan of LOTR, The Dresden Files, Sookie, AND Star Wars, so . . . I don’t care what sort of series I’m reading – I’ll find value in whichever venue you choose.  . . . Just as long as you don’t do a 180 on me.  What can I say?  I’m a creature of habit, even when it comes to my entertainment preferences.



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  1. I like reading series too! I think I love the journey with a character who I like the BEST EVER!! I have heard great things about The Dresden Files and of course the Sookie Series. One day when I finish the pile of unfinished series I have hanging over me I will check them out. Thanks

    • Hah! I can’t even see the end of my TBR list right now, but there’s no such thing as too many books! =) Thanks for stopping by, Alysia.

  2. I so agree, I do find myself binging on what i am into at the moment, TV or books! Sometimes even music!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings