Thoughtful Thursday – Book Series – May 22, 2014


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May 22: Do you continue with a series even after the original author has stopped writing for it? (This could be for any sort of reason including death, the original author has lost interest in the series, or even that the publisher fires the author but continues using the original author’s name.)


I… I don’t know.  I think my only experience with this is Tolkein, and since I struggled to read his own writing (in a serious, this might be divorce-worthy style once I revealed to Husband I’d never actually finished The Hobbit), I’m going to go with… no.  Not so much.  Not really.  Not at all.


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  1. I understand. I’ve yet to make it through Tolkien either and I thought for a minute it would be the last straw in my marriage. My current argument is that I’ve read most of C.S. Lewis’s work and they were friends and colleagues so that’s kind of like reading Tolkien.

    • Oooh! I like that argument! I’m going to try it next time we fight about it… I’ve read all of C.S. Lewis’s stuff! Thanks for the tip!