Thoughtful Thursday – Book Series – April 24, 2014


Reading Is Fun Again created Thoughtful Thursday. Each week, she posts a new bookish thought that she discusses. Everyone is welcome to join. 


April 24: Assuming that you are late to the party with a book series (and the entire series is completed) and you want to read every piece of text within a series’ universe that you can get your hands on, in what order to you read the books, short stories, and novellas within the universe? Do you read the books first and then the short stories and novellas if you want more? Do you read the books, short stories, and novellas in order (either publication or chronological)? Do you read them in some other order?


As a book reviewer I’m very rarely late to the party… it’s honestly one of my least favorite bits about my job.  I’m definitely a “wait until the entire series is on Netflix to watch the first episode” sort of gal, so though some people might be excited to get Advanced Reader Copies of yet-to-be-published books, I often wish I could time travel to the release day of the last book in a series and then read them back-to-back all in one go.  Having said that, though, my general rule is to,

“Begin at the beginning…and go on till [I] come to the end: then stop”


(Thanks, Mr. Carrol).  I sort of equate short stories and novellas to the B-side tracks of a music album, so unless I’m truly, utterly obsessed with a musician…err… a book series…  I’m likely not going to scour you-tube (um, I mean the bookstore) for the B-sides.


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