Review: The Red Serpent Trilogy by Rishabh Jain

red serpent coverrstThe Red Serpent Trilogy
written by Rishabh Jain
published by AJ International Press

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Why did I pick this book: I had participated in the blog tour for this book back in September. (I received a copy of this book for review purposes.

Did I enjoy this book: No, I did not. It was bad. And I don’t say that lightly. However, this book was just so bad.

My biggest issue was the lack of development throughout the book. Everything just happened as it should…there was no conflict, no apparent thought process, no drawing out of decisions so that reader will get engrossed and engaged in what is happening to the characters. For example, when the vampire kidnaps Alex and Alex asks him to switch his allegiance, the vampire does it. No questions asked, no conflicting thoughts, no anguish or contemplation…nothing. He says sure, why not. (Those are my words based on what I read…not a direct quote.)

The dialogue does not flow at all. The author uses swear words to try to make the characters seem tough but this fails miserably. Sometimes the vampires speak very properly while at other times very lax…sometimes this occurs in the same conversation. Other examples of bad dialogue: “It will pain only for about five seconds.” Pain? Shouldn’t it be hurt? “Then you would slowly, slowly drift.” Now, this one doesn’t sound wrong here but in context the character is speaking in the present and should have said “the you will slowly, slowly drift.” For the most part, the dialogue and situations that the characters find themselves in are unbelievable and unrealistic. My favorite bad line in this book is: “And like the great Latin words say, ‘In order to have peace, there must be war.” Really?? Are all Latin words great or just these ones? And what makes them great? The order in which they are said? I think the author meant to reference a historical figure, but did not. This just had me shaking my head in wonderment and confusion.

There is no real continuity with the dialogue or with the characters’ names. The uncle is referred to as Uncle John, John, Howe, and General Howe. The vampire uncle is called Gareny, Uncle Gareny, and Nick. Alex – the main character – is called Alex, Alexander, and the Falsifier (which I have yet to figure out). I can understand different names for each character but there was no rhyme or reason to when or how the author used these names. Sometimes all of the names were used in the same paragraph. It made it difficult for me to follow along.

Honestly, it pained me to finish this book. I kept hoping it would redeem itself in the end. SPOILER ALERT — It does not redeem itself. Books like this make me wish that I could be a person that could abandon a book mid-read. Generally, I’m not one of those people.


Would I recommend it: No, I would not.

Will I read it again: No.


About the book – from the publisher: The Red Serpent Trilogy presents a highly evolved vampire to fear: cold and callous, powerful and dangerous, possessed by mystic promises and destroyed only by silver. It is the year 2021 — the human world has degraded, its inhabitants unworthy of the supernatural gifts bestowed upon them. Compelled by ancient prophesy, an ancient vampire army takes the human race by force, sparing few lives. They await the second coming of their king, Anaxagoras, which will hurl the world into a final battle that will free the vampires from their infinite hiding. But by the hands of fate, there is one human who may save his entire race.

The Red Serpent Trilogy is a celestial fusion of science fiction and fantasy, unfolding conflicting intentions for the survival of both the human and vampire races. But in a world ruled by supernatural and mythological forces, there is only room for one race, and neither will go easily. The few survivors of the fatal vampire onslaught escape to an asteroid space station, Regnum, where they thrive as they keep an attentive watch on the vampires on the earth below. But unbeknown to himself or anyone else, Alex, half human half vampire, holds the keys to secrets that will help him realize his duties and cement his fate as either a human or a vampire.