Chrissy’s Review: Wright for America by Robin Lamont

Wright for America
written by Robin Lamont
published by Grayling Press

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Why did I pick this book: I was asked to review this book by the publicist. (I received a copy of this book for review purposes.)

Did I enjoy this book: This book was not bad but it did take me awhile to get through. It was not a book that I had to read every free chance I had.

For me, this book was kind of confusing. There were a lot of characters to keep track of and I lost track of most of them. Some of the characters – specifically the main characters – were playing multiple roles in this plot to get Pryor Wright. It was just hard to follow sometimes. I could not keep track of the different arms dealers and buyers or their “bodyguards” and assistants.

Some parts of this book were funny and some parts were just unbelievable. Satire or not, it is a very political book with a definite slant. This did not bother me in the least…but it may bother some readers depending on their political leanings.

Maren was an interesting lead character. She played at least three different roles in this book. She was Maren, the struggling actress who happened to work undercover for a private investigative firm. She also played the part of Rita for the PI firm, trying to uncover a counterfeit designer handbag ring. And for her own personal vendetta against Pryor Wright, Maren took on the personality of Katherine Starr. I didn’t really get the need to trap or humiliate Pryor Wright. I understand her thinking behind it to an extent but even her brother – the victim in this case – didn’t really care about her going after Pryor.

Pryor Wright is the ultra-right-wing conservative radio talk show host. He talks  at an extreme level and many people think that he insights extremists to act in harmful ways. His rhetoric is out there and to the far side.

The theme throughout the book seemed to be that words have power. This is very true and that power can affect anyone no matter what side of the political coin they happen to fall.


Would I recommend it: I don’t know if I would recommend this book. It is not a book for everyone.

Will I read it again: I will not read this book again.


About the book – from Goodreads: Pryor Wright’s ultra-conservative radio show has millions of devout fans who are sure that the slurs and wild accusations fired at the liberal left prove him a true patriot. But when his venomous rantings catch Maren Garrity’s twin brother in the crossfire, the struggling actress pursues her own style of justice and enlists a troupe of fellow unemployed actors to teach Wright just how powerful words can be.