Castles on the Sand by E.M. Tippetts

Castles on the Sand BN KoboCastles on the Sand (Shattered Castles #1)
written by  E.M. Tippetts
published by Emily Tippetts

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Why did I pick this book: I have read Ms. Tippetts’ other two books – Someone Else’s Fairytail and Paint Me True – truly enjoyed them both. When I was presented with the opportunity to review Ms. Tippetts’ latest release, I jumped at the chance. (I was provided with a copy for review purposes.)

Did I enjoy this book: I did enjoy this book. Unlike her other two books, Castles on the Sand took a little while to get into it. However, the last 100 pages had me glued to my Nook. (I was happy that it didn’t need charged until I finished this book!)

This book is definitely a young adult book told in the voice of a 15 year old, Madison. The situations that she finds herself in – while some are typical teen problems – are more adult than most teens have to deal with. Madison has to deal with a mother who isn’t there for her, a best friend who lashes out at her with bullying and harassment because of her own home life, finding out she has a sibling she never knew about, that her classmate is dealing with far more than what most people know, and boys who want to be with her but not in a real relationship way. Madison is quite mature even though she comes across as naive at times. She is strong, nice, and can stand her ground when push comes to shove.

Madison’s best friend, Kailie, was a character that I didn’t really care for. I understand some of her reactions but I don’t think her problems justify what she did to Madison. (I don’t want to give anything away…so if that is cryptic, I’m sorry. You’ll just have to read the book to know what I’m talking about.) Carson was arrogant and not that kind. John was very overprotective but a loving older brother to Madison. Alex was a fantastic character. He was so misunderstood yet I got him.

One of my favorite scenes was the dinner at the Japanese restaurant with Alex, Grace (Alex’s mother), and Madison. It was sweet, touching, almost normal.

To me, the message of the book is that not everything is as it seems. Everyone has secrets and issues that they are dealing with…whether they deal with correctly is up for discussion and though. But through everything, hope is necessary.
everyfree4Would I recommend it: I would recommend this book. It is a good read with a good message. 

Will I read it again: I don’t think that I will.

About the book – from Goodreads: Madison Lukas knows her place in the world. She’s not pretty, not interesting, and therefore easy to forget.

John Britton is serving his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and has been praying for fifteen years to find the sister he lost in his parents’ divorce. She is beautiful, talented, and makes kindness a fine art.

When John and Madison cross paths, he recognizes her at once, but Madison is certain that he’s got it all wrong. Even if she is his long-lost sister, she can’t possibly be the exceptional, amazing girl he thinks she is, can she?

Happy reading wherever you are and whenever you get a free chance!!!