Desert Intrigue by Linda Weaver Clarke

Desert Intrigue
(The Adventures of John and Julia Evans, #4)
written by Linda Weaver Clarke          
published by Red Mountain Shadows Publishing

Why did I pick this book: Mrs. Clarke asked that I review her upcoming fourth novel in The Adventures of John and Julia Evans series. I happily accepted her request. (The author provided me with a copy of her book for review purposes.)

Did I enjoy this book: I did. I read it almost every free chance I had. The story moved and kept me interested and wanting to see how it ended. 

This story had a good amount of suspense and mystery. It reminded me of a good, old-fashioned “whodunit?” story. Julia couldn’t escape her investigative reporter background and was out to find the culprit that was destroying her brother. She asked all of the questions…even the hard ones of those that were most trusted. Desert Intrigue was clean – no harsh language or sex scenes. You really don’t find those qualities in a novel nowadays. And I learned a bit about Arizona’s legends. That made the story that much more interesting. 

John and Julia have a great marriage and love each other very much. That love was clearly taught to their children. I thought the wedding plans and disasters were cute. It was a worst case scenario for any bride who thinks they have everything under control. 

Would I recommend it: I would…especially if you are looking for a clean yet attention grabbing story.

Will I read it again: I will not. I do not think it will hold the same suspense on the reread as it did on the first time through it.

About the book – MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS: Julia’s brother runs a dude ranch that was once very profitable and thriving. Now he believes the ranch is haunted. Could the legends of Superstition Mountain, the lost Dutchman, and the Thunder God be true and behind the strange occurrences happening at the ranch? Is that why the ranch is now floundering?

Julia has other thoughts. She believes the ranch is being sabotaged so that he will be forced to sell it. But why? To help her brother, Julia and her husband, John, go to the ranch and help to solve the mystery.

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Happy reading wherever you are and whenever you get a free chance!!!

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