Review: Mockingjay (Hunger Games Series #3) by Suzanne Collins

mockingjayMockingjay (Hunger Games Series #3)
written by Suzanne Collins
published by Scholastic, Inc.

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Why did I pick this book: I just reread the first two books in this series – The Hunger Games and Catching Fire – so I had to finish out the series with Mockingjay.

Did I enjoy this book: I did but not as much the second time around. That surprised me…a lot. I loved this series – all three books – the first time I read The Hunger Games series. But this time around, I didn’t quite feel as enamored with Mockingjay. Don’t get me wrong…this is a great book and a fitting end to the series. But parts of it settled differently with me this time.


Anyway…I didn’t like that Katniss was the face of the rebellion at 17 years old. I can understand that she was the face of hope and determination, but of war and fighting and unrest…not so much. She was so independent in the first two books, then she practically bows to District 13. (I know this doesn’t last too long and she does kind of get her way quite a few times. But it just seemed like she was going along with it all…not with what she wanted…at least until the end.)

I thought District 13 was just as bad, if not worse, than the Capitol. I understand why they are so strict but come on! You would think they would treat their citizens a bit better considering they want to fight the Capitol and get the other districts on their side.

Again, Ms. Collins had some really great visuals in Mockingjay. I could see the propos, the tv feeds, the layout of District 13. I could envision Katniss’s mockingjay outfit that was designed by the late, great Cinna. The warring districts and the “76th Annual Hunger Games.” All things were described with great detail and images…I could see it all play out in my mind’s eye.

I felt bad for most of the characters in this book. Finnick seemed so lost. Peeta was used. Johanna had it really bad. Gale seemed to be taken over by the thoughts of rebellion and payback. Even President Snow…he was evil but somewhat sad as well. And poor Prim…I don’t even want to discuss that. That was not necessary at all! Katniss deserved some happiness. All that did was  make her lose the rest of her family because even her mother abandoned her after that incident. And the facts surrounding Gale and that incident is just inexcusable!!! (I know this is the way the series had to end…I can see that and understand that not all stories can have super happy endings…but come on!!!)


Would I recommend it: I would…especially if you have read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Like I said above, it was a fitting end to this fantastic series.

Will I read it again: I will. This is a series that I will likely read once a year…especially when the subsequent movies are released. I’m anxious to see what they do with an adaption of this book.


About the book – MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS: Katniss Everdeen wakes up after being plucked from the arena during the 75th Hunger Games in a hovercraft headed for District 13. But now, there is a rebellion…the Capitol is not happy and will take it out on anyone, especially past victors of the Hunger Games in order to restore its reign and power. Of course, the Capitol blames Katniss for the political unrest and rebellion.

Katniss finds herself with Haymitch, Gale, Finnick, and the head gamemaker, Plutarch, as they work with the president of District 13 to lead the other districts into battle against the Capitol. Katniss finds herself as the poster child for the rebellion – as the Mockingjay.

Will Katniss survive another Hunger Games? Will the districts succeed in rebelling against the Capitol? Will Katniss lose herself?