Blood Oath (A Gabby Girls Adventure Novel Book 2) by T.L. Clarke

Blood Oath: A Gabby Girls Adventure Novel Book 2
written by T.L. Clarke          
published by 

Why did I pick this book: The author, T.L. Clarke, contacted me and asked if I would review her new book which was released on March 6, 2012. I happily accepted the request. (The author provided me a digital copy for review purposes.)

Did I enjoy this book: I have mixed feelings about this book. It was not a book that I had to read every free chance I had.

The story was interesting and has a lot of potential. I found the book refreshing in that it was a “clean” book. There was no swearing, or sex, or anything that would be considered inappropriate for younger readers. That was nice. With that being said however, some of the author’s attempts at making it “clean” fell kind of on the corny side for me (an adult reader). Why say “back the heck off,” when “back off” says the same thing and is just as clean. And, for me, a Warrior is not a “kick butt Warrior” but a “kick ass warrior.” Again though, kudos to the author for wanting this to be a clean book but sometimes, just leave the clean alternatives out. 

The main narrator of the story is Gabrielle Martin. She was a fairly strong character and realistic in that she questioned her role and her ability to step into that role. She was a typical teenage girl – kind of mouthy and moody but good at heart and means well. One confusing part was that although Gabrielle is the narrator throughout the book, there was one chapter about half way through the book switches narrators to Queen Nemesis. That threw me off until I figured out who the narrator was. I actually had to go back to the previous chapter to make sure I wasn’t missing something with the narrator. After that chapter, the narrator switches back to Gabrielle. 

With a little polish and editing, this book definitely has some potential, especially for the middle grade/tween crowd.

Would I recommend it: I would recommend this book to girls in their tweens…middle grade. I would not call this a Young Adult book. I think it is too juvenile for the 16+ crowd. But the tween crowd, this would be a good fit.

Will I read it again: I will not. 

About the book – MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS: The story starts with Gabrielle and her three friends – Zora, Rosalinda, and Jessica – preparing to leave Vineswell Academy for Transcendence Hall. They are all Eternals, Warriors sworn to protect the Elementi and the Normals from the Banished and the Daemons. 

Before the girls even leave for the Isles of Transcendence, the Banished attack Vineswell Academy killing every Normal in sight trying to get the Akasha Reincarnated. But no one knows who the Akasha Reincarnated is…not Gabrielle and her friends, not the Royal Conclave, not the Circles or the Ares Warriors. Thankfully the girls escape and arrive at Transcendence Hall unscathed to begin their Warrior training. 

However, everything does not go as planned when they arrive at Transcendence Hall. The Akasha Reincarnated is revealed. A war between the Banished and the Eternals and Elementi is brewing. Members of the Royal Conclave are attacked. Those thought to be dead are alive and working with the Underworld to overthrow the Eternals. 

Happy reading wherever you are and whenever you get a free chance!!!

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